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Turkish Cypriot Child Protection Institution was founded on 13 June 1968 by the Vice President and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Temporary Turkish Administration Dr. Fazıl KÜÇÜK. It was established under the chairmanship of Fazıl Küçük, with the participation of 20 delegates from all over the island, to be similar to the Turkish Child Protection Institution.

Turkish Cypriot Child Protection Institution, one of the most established charities in our country, has carried out important works and projects in many fields for the well-being of our children. The institution, which received great support from the leading leaders and people of the society in those years, as it is today, opened the first nursery / day care home on 14 June 1972 and set an example for the Turkish Cypriot community in this field, and many kindergartens and day care centers opened afterwards. became an inspiration for the company.

The social structure changed dramatically as a result of the population movements that took place due to the change of residential areas after 1974. The institution went into financial trouble as the number of members decreased due to the difficult conditions of the period. For this reason, branches first lost their function as a nursery in 1997, and the institution continued its activities as the Center and Nicosia Branch until May 31, 2008. With the General Assembly held on this date, the institution united the Headquarters and Nicosia Branch under one roof, approved its new charter, and quickly entered into a new restructuring. With the devoted efforts of the Board of Directors and the ever-increasing number of members, the institution regained its former vitality.

As a result of the research it carried out in the area where the out-of-service nursery and day care center is located, the institution decided to implement the Survey Project in the building in line with the needs it determined in this region and its surroundings, and made important progress in the context of this project. In addition to the Study Project, which will be implemented in the near future and aiming to contribute to the social, psychological, educational and cultural development of children, the institution continues to increase the contributions it has been making since the day it was founded to expectant mothers, new mothers and children with insufficient financial situation.

Activities of Our Institution

Our main activity in recent years is to ensure that our Activity (Etude) Center, located on the fort behind Çağlayan Park, serves our children effectively and professionally. We provide food and beverage support to the primary school-age children of families with insufficient economic status, by helping them in their lessons outside of formal education hours, through our teachers.

Your financial and moral support is of great importance in terms of ensuring the sustainability of our center and enabling us to reveal and strengthen the creativity of our children by making use of their spare time.

For maintaining our existence with volunteers and donations.

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